TCL C835 Mini-LED | CyberShack TV S28:Ep4 (AV)

The TCL C835 Mini-LED technology adds new levels of brightness and colour saturation to traditional back, edge or FALD-lit LED/LCD TVs. This is an excellent option if you have a bright Aussie lounge room.

Mini-LED is an all-over backlight using thousands of, well, mini-LEDs to provide local dimming. You get better contrast, finer detail (especially noticeable in dimly or brightly lit scenes), and, combined with Quantum Dot, nicely saturated and vivid colours.

The TCL C835 is available in 55/65/75″ for $1999/2999/3999; it offers excellent colours, performance, and sound compared to its QLED and QUHD cousins. And it has Google Android TV operating system, one of the easiest to use, and a huge app store.

CyberShack’s in-depth review – The TCL C835 Mini-LED TV is well-made

Mini-LED is a backlight type, so the panel is slightly thicker (30mm) to accommodate that. It has very narrow top, side bezels, and a solid black aluminium edge. The rear is well-finished, with power on the left and all ports on the right. The centre pedestal stand is height-adjustable to accommodate larger sound bars (no troublesome side legs).

It reproduces 1.07 billion 10-bit colours. Our tests’ primary colours, red, green, and blue (RGB), were 100% accurate. Secondary and tertiary colours (like skin tones) were mostly accurate. It has about 93% DCI-P3 gamut support on Vivid/Smart HDR settings. As a bonus, it supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so consider a good soundbar and sub-woofer to shake the room.

Its IR/Bluetooth remote control is logical and has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Stan, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and TCL Channel. Read more.

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