Energy Star Rating | CyberShack TV S28:Ep4

The Energy Star Rating gives you more to compare than just the initial purchase price. With skyrocketing electricity tariffs, ongoing running costs are more of an issue than what it costs.

Did you know that some heaters cost nearly $1 per hour to run? While other more efficient fan heaters cost less than 30% of that? But then you have the issue of use. A vented dryer may be 2-star but only needs to run for an hour to dry clothes. A condenser dryer may be 5-star but needs four hours costing more to dry more slowly.

The Energy Star Rating is at the top of the label. The more stars, the more energy efficient the product is. The label shows the estimated energy consumption of the appliance over a year (standard usage). A lower number here means the product consumes less electricity.

The Energy Star Rating website has a handy calculator. Use it to compare the energy usage of different appliances.

Simply select a category, and enter the product’s model name, daily use time and purchase price. The calculator then provides information on the expected energy costs of the product over ten years. To get accurate results, ensure the calculator has your correct location and energy tariff before searching for comparisons.

CyberShack Energy Star news. We recommend you buy some Tapo Energy monitoring switches for $27.95 to see how much plug-in devices cost to run and whether they are, in fact, using less energy when in sleep mode. We significantly reduced our base load with these devices and use Google Assistant to access the Tapo to switch several devices off.