D-Link Eagle Pro AI | CyberShack TV S28:Ep4 (network)

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI is a great value range of Wi-Fi 6 Mesh solutions offering from AX1500 to AX3200 speeds. It utilises AI Optimisation to prioritise your network traffic and a better experience for 4K video streaming, video conferencing and gaming for multiple users.

There are a number of models.

  • M32 AX3200 Mesh system in a 2-or-3-pack $400/599 with one of the lower cost-per-node and coverage
  • M15 AX1500 Mesh system in a 2-or-3-pack $249/379 for smaller homes needing less bandwidth
  • R15 AX1500 Mesh compatible Router $199 and works with the other Eagle Pro mesh or extender devices
  • G415 AX15000 G415 4G Smart router (also connects to NBN)_
  • E15 AX1500 Mesh Extender $179

These all have an App for simple setup as well as D-Links comprehensive web interface for those that like to tweak the setting. They all connect to an existing NBN Gateway via Ethernet cable.

We like the AI Assistant that continually optimises the network to avoid clashing with other Wi-Fi networks (clean network). AI Traffic prioritises heavy users and faster hand-off from each Satellite to the next. The clean network works well with a Wi-Fi analyser showing that it seeks out low-use-or-unused bands.

And for parents, the voice assistant Parental Controls allows you to monitor and control your kids online activities.

CyberShack review – D-Link Eagle Pro AI M32 AX3200 Mesh System

The AX3200 Mesh System comes in two-unit or three-unit packs and can cover a huge amount of floor space with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity; up to 510 square metres with two units and up to 740 square metres with three units.

Mesh Wi-Fi 6 offers a lot of advantages. Add multiple units throughout your house to minimise dead zones you can’t reach with those NBN-supplied routers.

On the back are a WAN and 2 x LAN ports, a WPA button and a power switch. A large X LED indicates the router’s state on the top. Size – 164.61 x 71.07 x 185.65mm x 486g plus plug pack.

All three devices are the same – the one connected to the internet via Ethernet WAN is the router.

Satellites can connect via Wi-Fi 5GHz or Gigabit Ethernet backhaul. Read more.

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