Belling Range Cookers | CyberShack TV S28:Ep4 (kitchen)

Belling range cookers come from more than 100-year expertise in ovens – quality – but don’t think they are old-fashioned. Belling is a master of continuous innovation that delights home chefs.

For example, Belling’s multi-cavity design provides much-needed flexibility in the kitchen. With up to four ovens in a single range cooker, you can ensure every meal comes out perfectly cooked, hot and at the same time.

Multi-cavity ovens offer a lot of other benefits. They reduce cooking time since they heat only the space you need.

Cookers don’t need to be dull black. The ten-colour range includes seven stunning new colours and Instagram styling to see how it works in your home. From Kingfisher Teal and Porcini Mushroom to a striking Mojito Mint, there is a colour for every kitchen.

Belling’s design language and broad range allow its range cooker to fit beautifully into any kitchen. No matter what style you like, there’s sure to be a Belling to match. They are available in 90 and 110-cm widths and in two distinct styles.

When choosing your new Belling Range Cooker, there are a few options. Belling offers its range cookers with several cooktop choices so you can cook your way.

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