CyberShack TV S28:Ep3 Sonos Ray soundbar

The Sonos Ray is perfect as an entry-level $399 3.0 soundbar, although its capabilities belie its compact size.

That is why our full review calls the Sonos Ray a small doy with a big bark!

It is all about convenience. It is small enough to place almost anywhere; has an Optical Digital connection for maximum compatibility with older TVs; and you can use it without the Sonos S2 app – true plug and play.

This compact and easy-to-use soundbar offers precise, balanced audio including crisp dialogue and solid bass. The Sonos neutral sound signature exceeds any other compact soundbar we have used.

Its forward-firing design makes it sound great even in an enclosed space, like a shelf on your TV stand.

The app’s multi-room audio function is also one of the easiest to use on the market. With speakers all over the house, no one misses out.

Who is Sonos Ray soundbar for?

Sonos knows that most people don’t regularly watch Dolby Atmos content – you don’t need that immersive format support to enjoy high-quality sound from your TV.

It is for a new Sonos audience who wants an all-in-one mini-soundbar with loads of volume and a very listenable warm and sweet sound signature. So, it is for those in apartments, for the bedroom TV, gamers, those without a Dolby Atmos TV, wanting a classy multi-room speaker with all the Sonos S2 app features.

And, existing Sonos owners won’t be disappointed either.

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