CyberShack TV S28:Ep3 JBL’s new Tour Range

JBL’s new Tour range of headphones and earphones elevates your listening experience on the go. They have JBL’s famous warm and sweet sound signature for most music genres and are very well made.

JBL Tour One – Over-the-ear, BT, Adaptive Noise-cancelling and so much more

The $349.95 JBL Tour One (Website) is a premium over-the-ear model with true adaptive noise cancelling that reacts to your surroundings. Add four mics (two for beamforming voice and two for ANC), Hi-Res music certification. Google and Alexa support, and a battery life that is hard to beat – 25hrs ANC on and 50 hours ANC off.

SilentNow noise-cancelling mutes audio for distraction-free focus when you need it.

CyberShack Review JBL Tour One – luxury travellers Bluetooth, ANC, over-the-ear headphones (review)

JBL Tour Pro+ TWS – BT, Adaptive Noise-Cancelling and six mics!

The $329.95 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS (Website) has hybrid adaptive noise cancellation. Six microphones outside and inside the earphone enable noise cancellation and clear calls. Fit is easy with a range of tips and fins, they’re the perfect travel companion. Battery life is 6/8Hrs ANC On/off and three recharges in the case.

CyberShack Review JBL Tour Pro+ TWS BT/ANC earphones – Tour Quality (review)

CyberShack JBL News and Reviews

JBL’s new Tour Range, JBL’s new Tour Range

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