G-MEE Play 2 Smartplayer | CyberShack TV S28:Ep3

The G-MEE Play 2 Smartplayer may look like a mobile phone, but it is not. It is for Kids and has parental controls to help avoid too much screen time and online risks.

Charlie Brown, owner of CBN Media and CyberShack, wanted to make smart devices accessible to kids in a way that delivers safe exploration and content consumption. This is the second generation of the sellout G-Mee. It includes all the best parts of an Android smartphone; you just can’t make a call or see risky web content.

G-MEE Play 2 Smartplayer

The A$109 G-MEE Play 2 (Website) is his latest generation of family-friendly devices. it offers a 5″ screen; 16GB and MicroSD to 128GB; 2GB RAM; better storage; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; and Android 11 Go operating system. It comes with Clear Protector Case, factory-installed Screen Protector, micro-USB power cable (charger not included), and wired Earbuds.

The device adheres to the same core principle of being a safer smart device. It has no camera or SIM card giving parents peace of mind that their child is safe from online dangers.

You set the boundaries of what the device can and can’t do with inbuilt parental controls. Once it’s set up, there’s no further intervention.

No more accidental purchases or unwanted access. Lock down access to any and every app on the device with G-mee’s inbuilt App Lock. Easy to set up and just a passcode away to update it as required.

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