CyberShack TV S27:Ep8 – Swann Wifi Alert Sensors

Swann’s new Wi-Fi Alert Sensors make it easier than ever to build a security system to suit your needs. These clever alarm sensors can send an alert to your phone or trigger an optional siren when they detect activity.

The Motion Sensor uses a passive infrared sensor to detect the heat & motion of people, pets and cars. The magnetic Window/Door sensors detect the opening of doors and windows once mounted. There’s also a water leak alert sensor that can detect flooding on the ground from leaky pipes or appliances.

Installation of these sensors is made easy with an adhesive strip, and they’re battery-powered, so there are no annoying wires to deal with. Since there’s no need to drill into the walls, these sensors are an excellent option for renters. Plus, they’re weatherproof with an IP66 rating, so they can even be placed outdoors without a worry.

The siren can play a range of sounds, including a traditional alarm sound up to 80 decibels to ward off intruders, as well as a visual alert with flashing lights.

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