CyberShack TV S27:Ep8 – Samsung QN90A

Looking for an epic screen that’s ready to take your home entertainment experience to a home cinema level? Well, the Samsung 98-inch Neo QLED 4K TV can do just that.

Take your favourite entertainment to new heights as the Neo Q-L-E-D TV enhances the appearance of everything you watch. From reduced screen glare for clear images in bright rooms to deep blacks for the fine details in the darkest scenes, you’ll be able to see images with exceptional depth, colour and clarity.

Offering 4K resolution, this powerhouse of a screen has 4K AI Upscaling, which will upscale whatever content you are watching into 4K resolution. The Neo Q-L-E-D 4K’s Quantum Processor uses a unique upscaling algorithm to help deliver the best experience to match the brightness and sound to the room and what you are watching. From Netflix to your favourite shows and movies, it’ll take it and upscale it in real-time for the best experience.

With a wide array of 4K content available, you can get the most out of the Samsung 98-inch Neo QLED 4K TV.

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