CyberShack TV S27:Ep7 – Haier Laundry

Haier’s latest laundry range is designed to care for you and your family. Your fabrics are well looked after thanks to innovative technologies that make washing and drying easier than ever.

Haier’s Front Loading Washing Machine here is perfect for medium-sized loads with 12 different cycles to choose from. Two innovative new cycles include Refresh – quickly freshening and steaming garments, and Sanitise – providing a high-temperature wash option killing more than 99.99% of bacteria for more hygienic washing.

Speed Up functionality can reduce the time on wash cycles, making it a great option for lightly soiled clothes that just need a quick run.

TheHeat Pump Dryer here offers 12 different cycles for various fabrics and even offers a rack dry cycle to be used with an included rack. Hybrid Boost provides flexibility to save time with a hotter drying option or save energy with a longer dry time. Just like the washing machine, Haier has included a Sanitise cycle that uses high heat to remove dust mites and kill more than 99.99% of bacteria.