CyberShack TV S27:Ep7 – G-mee Connect2

Listening to their consumers and actively adapting their products to the needs and requests of their users, G-mee has released their new and improved device. The G-mee Connect 2.

Building upon their first-generation device, the new and improved G-mee Connect 2 here is faster, more responsive and overall more supportive for its users.

Operating off the Android 11 Go operating system, users will get the latest Android features and more regular security and feature updates to keep your g-mee secure.

Able to take you more places, the calling experience has been incredibly improved over what they were. Make and receive more calls in more places with Voice over Wi-Fi and better audio quality during a call over the 4G network using VoLTE.

Don’t worry – with more calling accessibility, G-mee’s handy Call Manager now comes pre-installed on the device to give you the best mobile experience possible. Just activate it during the initial setup if you want it, or disable it if you don’t.

Have your battery cover you in more situations, charging up to 50-percent faster, making it more convenient and quicker to get your device charged before you leave the house.