CyberShack TV: 888 Racing Team

Way back in the day, racing a car was about the car with the most horsepower and a driver with the ability to handle the roaring beast in the track conditions provided.

While these qualities are still very much necessary in winning motor racing, there are a huge range of other elements that are taken into consideration. We talked to the 888 racing team and two of their drivers, Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup, as well as design engineer David Gauchi, about how technology helps them win.

The team has a bank of Toshiba laptops that gets information that is downloaded to a tablet PC, so they can gauge the car and driver's performances. It will tell the techies how fast the petrol is being consumed, how the tyres handled the conditions, what needs to be done to get a better start off the grid, as well as an array of complicated formula and other data, that are designed to optimise the best outcome for the team.

When a race can sometimes come down to 100th or even 1000th of a second, every little piece of information helps.

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