CyberShack and Harvey Norman Facebook Competition

CyberShack and Harvey Norman have teamed up to give away a $100 Harvey Norman voucher in our "Become a friend of CyberShack and Harvey Norman" competition. All you have to do is friend both CyberShack and Harvey Norman and then answer the following question: "What is the biggest game being released this year, and why?"

Terms and Conditions:
1.PROMOTER'S DETAILS a.The promoter is CBN Media Pty Limited (ACN 084 044 584)   (“CBN Media” or “the Promoter”) of Level 3, 621 Pacific Highway St Leonards Sydney NSW 2065. b.CBN Media and its related entities ("Cybershack TV /"), is collecting the entrant's personal information for the purpose of conducting and promoting this competition (including but not limited to determining and notifying winners). (Each entrant expressly and impliedly consents to the collection of their personal information for the abovementioned purposes, as well as for distribution to CBN Media and its related entities and related companies for future promotional and marketing purposes, both connected to this competition, as well as other CBN Media products or other purposes.) c.To receive a copy of the Privacy policy email d.By entering the CyberShack and Harvey Norman Facebook competition promotion, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

2.STANDRAD TERMS a.Information on how to enter the competition forms part of the terms of entry.

3.WHO CAN ENTER? a.Subject to clauses 4 – 7 below, entry is open to: i.natural persons, ii.who are permanent residents of NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, NT and TAS, and iii.who are Friends of both CyberShack and Harvey Norman and enter the "Leave A Comment on Facebook" Promotion on line at b.You can become a member of Club Shack at c.Directors, officers, management, employees, contractors or other staff of CBN Media Pty Ltd and Harvey Norman Pty  their associated agencies and companies or any agencies and/or companies related to this competition (and their immediate families) are not eligible to enter.

4.HOW TO ENTER a.The promotion commences on at 12.30pm on Sunday 31st October, 2010 Sydney Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and concludes on Friday 5th November 2010 at 5pm AEST. b.Valid entries can only be made by friends of CyberShack and Harvey Norman's Facebook page. c.Entrants (including winners) in the promotion may enter a maximum of five times. Multiple entries must be submitted separately. An entrant may only win one prize, notwithstanding that 5th Novebmer 2010 in order to be eligible for the prize. d.An entry may not be submitted on behalf of another person. e.All entries into the competition and all entry details, regardless of whether or not the entries were validly submitted, disqualified or otherwise deemed ineligible by CBN Media, will remain wholly the property of the Promoter and will not be returned to the entrant. Each entry must be the entrant’s own original work. By entering the competition, the entrants: i.consent to CBN Media making copies of or publishing the whole or any part of their entry and otherwise exploiting the entry and any rights in relation to the entry for the purposes of this competition or any other purposes and the entrant is not entitled to any fees in association with such use of any part of their entry; ii.undertake to the Promoter that the entries submitted by them are their own work and use by CBN Media will be in breach of, or infringe upon, any third party intellectual property rights. f.By entering into this competition, the entrant warrants that they have read and understood, and agree to be bound, by these Terms and Conditions (or, by the Terms and Conditions of entry as published at g.If CBN Media, in its sole discretion, determines that an entry has been made in breach of these Terms and Conditions, CBN Media may disqualify the entry or entries so determined and prohibit the entrant/s from participating in future competitions. h.Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will prevent any entrant from being entitled to a prize, even in the circumstance where the entrant has already been declared a winner. If the entrant has already collected the prize, the entrant will be required to return, refund or otherwise make restitution to CBN Media for the prize.

5.PRIZES a.There will be one winner. b.The prize is: 1 x  $100 gift voucher from Harvey Norman. The recommended retail price of the voucher is $100 d.The total prize pool is: $100 e.Full details of prizes can be obtained by telephoning CBN Media Pty Ltd on (02) 9439 4500. f.If a prize becomes unavailable due to events or actions of third parties outside of CBN Media’s control, CBN Media is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to substitute the prizes listed above with a prize of equal or greater value, as determined by CBN Media. CBN Media may, at its sole discretion, substitute cash for any prize (the amount to be equal to the prize value specified in the Prize details above). g.The winner is responsible for any and all expenses associated with collecting, transporting or otherwise claiming the prize, including but not limited to GST and/or taxes. (For further details, refer to paragraph 8 below for further information.) h.In participating in the competition, the winner/s agree: participate and co-operate as required in all editorial activities relating to the promotion, including but not limited to being interviewed and photographed; ii.The winners (and their companions) agree without limitation to grant the Promoter a perpetual licence to use such footage and photographs in all media worldwide as it sees fit, for any purpose, and the winners (and their companions) will not be entitled to any fee for such use. Usage of any footage, photographs, broadcast or any other method of distributing such information includes repeating any broadcast, film, photographs or other recording at any time. i.If the winner/s (and their companions, if applicable) cannot or will not agree to the above terms, CBN Media, in its absolute discretion, is entitled to deem the entry ineligible and to choose an alternate winner as per the selection criteria contained in these terms and conditions. j.If a winner of the prize is under the age of 18 years old as at the date of judging, a parent or legal guardian of the minor must accompany the minor in the participation of the prize. k.If the winner is a minor, CBN Media may, at its absolute discretion, award the prize to a parent or legal guardian of the minor. l.Prizes can be transferred but not redeemed for cash. Winners should seek independent financial advice about any tax implications that may arise from the prize winnings.

6.HOW TO WIN a.The competition is a game of skill, and chance plays no part in the selection of the winner/s. b.If required, the entrant must be able to provide CBN Media with proof of eligibility to win the prize, including but not limited to, identification, residency and, if applicable, age requirements. Identification suitable for these purposes are at the discretion of CBN Media. c.Failure to provide the relevant identification when requested by CBN Media will invalidate any winning entry, and an alternate winner will be chosen by the judges in accordance with the selection criteria set out below.

7.JUDGING CRITERIA a.The winner/s will be selected on the entry/entries deemed the “best” entry in the relevant competition. b.Criteria for choosing the “best entry” will take into account, among other things, the most creative/interesting/original answer/s/ c.Each entry will be (individually judged) by representatives of CBN Media, or other judges with the relevant skills and/or expertise, as determined by CBN Media. d. e.The judges' decision (including any decisions as to prize distribution) is final and CBN Media will not enter into any correspondence regarding the result. f.THE WINNER WILL BE SELECTED from all the eligible entrants in the promotion on Friday 12th November 2010 at CBN Media Pty Ltd offices, Level 3, 621 Pacific Highway St Leonards NSW 2065. g.The Winner will be notified by email within two days of the judging, and arrangement for prizes pick up will be within 5 working days of notification. The results will be published online on 19th November 2010 i.If the Winner does not claim the prize/is not eligible to claim the prize or is deemed by CBN Media to be ineligible to claim the prize as set out in these Terms and Conditions, CBN Media may, at its discretion select alternate winner/s (which meets the judging criteria and has not already won a prize) until an eligible Winner selected. j.All costs associated with collecting the prize/s, including but not limited to, fees, taxes, travel and insurance are solely the responsibility of the Winner and/or their companion (if applicable). k.If prize is less than $500, the names of winners of the prize must be published in a newspaper circulating in the area where the promotion was held (Victorian requirement). l.The Promoter reserves the right to refuse to allow a winner to take part in any or all aspects of the prize, if the Promoter determines, in their absolute discretion: i.that a winner is not in the mental or physical condition necessary to be able to safely participate in the prize, or ii.that the entry is offensive, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate or otherwise objectionable, is against the law or infringes upon any third party rights. m.It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that they (and their companion/s, if applicable) fulfil all physical/mental/emotional requirements in order to participate in the prize. n.It is a condition of accepting the prize that the winner (or the parent or legal guardian) may be required to sign a legal release in the form and timeframe determined by the Promoter in its absolute discretion, prior to claiming any prize. o.Failure to sign a legal release as contained in subclause 7(n) in the form and time required by the Promoter, will invalidate the winning entry above and a new winner will be selected in accordance with the Judging Criteria and winning selection criteria set out above. p.Prizes and participation in this competition are subject to any conditions imposed by the supplier or organiser of the prize (as applicable).

8.NO LIABILITY a.In the case of the intervention of any outside act, agent or event which prevents or significantly hinders the Promoter's ability to proceed with the competition on the dates and in the manner described in these terms and conditions, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, transmission failures, service interruptions, user error, late/delayed/incorrect or corrupted entries, tempests, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, strike, war, act of terrorism, computer virus, tampering, unauthorised intervention or fraud, the Promoter may in its absolute discretion cancel the competition and recommence it from the start on the same conditions. b.In the event that the competition is affected by any outside act mentioned in this section, CBN Media reserves the right to cancel or terminate the competition, recommence the competition from the start on the same conditions, or to recommence it upon different conditions or to invalidate only the entries affected by the outside act mentioned in this section or to continue the competition with the remaining valid entries and invalidate the affected entries only, at its sole discretion. c.CBN Media and their associated agencies, employees, staff and associated companies will take no responsibility for prizes damaged or lost in transit, or late, lost, illegible or misdirected mail. d.CBN Media and their associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any misadventure, accident, injury, loss or claim that may occur: i.during the judging; ii.whilst undertaking any travel won on or connected with their entry into the competition; the participation in any prize; a consequence of late, lost, illegible or misdirected mail; v.due to the broadcast of any program relating to the competition or the publication of any material, including any statements made by any compare, staff member, journalist, other entrants or any other person; e.CBN Media, its associated entities, agencies, employees, contractors, staff and associated companies make no warranties, representations or any other comments as to the fitness of purpose, suitability of any prize, quality, and/or merchantability of any prize. f.Liability is excluded except where prohibited by law, in which case liability is limited to the cost of replacing the goods or services, or repairing the goods, at the sole discretion of CBN Media.

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