Cool Websites

Here at CyberShack, we like surfing the net, and on occasion you come across some cool and quirky websites, like these:

How would you like to harness the power of thirty-eight thousand people working together to keep you up to date with what’s cool? From tree houses to fashion shoots, Trend Hunter puts out more than a hundred trends per day and has enough categories to satisfy even the quirkiest tastes. For the professional looking to stand out, try ‘40 Interactive Business Cards’ or for the little pyro in all of us, the wrist-mounted flamethrower. Of course it’s interactive so if you think you know what’s cool you can sign up and spot trends for yourself.

Rarely do you find a site that that can provide both eye candy and mind candy but Oobject fits the bill. It is a curated collection of lists – the only stipulation being that they must contain man-made objects. With topics in the field of machines, design, architecture and many more, there’s always something to pique the interest if you’ve got five minutes to spare.

Where do you go when you need say, a custom engraved silver guitar pick? Or cufflinks made from the movement of a vintage watch? Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace to join the makers and the buyers, and there are some seriously talented makers out there. The site is particularly strong on crochet and knitwear but there is something for everyone. It’s a perfect place to pick up a truly unique gift and the website is simple and easy to use.

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