3D Gaming With Xbox 360

Set to take your gaming experience to another dimension is a console capable of playing 3D games – the Xbox 360. It can hold a full library of Xbox Live Arcade Games –so you don’t need to throw away any of your old games just yet and since most games are made in 3D, your Xbox 360 will get plenty of use.

3D is designed to make games feel more real than ever before, so if you are playing the likes of Avatar, 3D literally transports you into the action on-screen.

Using a 3.2 GHz processor, the graphics are just amazing and have to be seen to be believed. This 120GB hard drive console is also 100 per cent compatible with the Windows XP Media Centre, so it can download movies, online games, songs, pictures and a ton of other digital media straight onto the console.

Bundled with the Microsoft X-Box 360 Game Console is an HDMI cable for television connection, an ethernet cable for internet connectivity, a wireless controller, as well as a headset to give you full immersion in your gaming experience.

For more information on the Xbox 360, click here.

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