3D Gaming With Acer Predator

3D television has been grabbing the headlines lately, but if you're a gamer and wondering "what about me?" in the 3D stakes, Acer might have the answer.

Acer's new Predator gaming PC and 3D high-definition monitor claim to offer 'wow' factors when it comes to an all-in-one gaming experience.

So what does the new Predator PC and 3D monitor offer that normal gaming bundles don't? The picture is also enhanced by dual graphics with razor-sharp processing, so speed should never an issue. Like any 3D component on the market these days, you'll need a pair of glasses, which are supplied with the unit, so you can become fully immersed in your gaming experience.

Finally, there is Acer's hot-swap feature. This lets you swap hard disk drives over in a sec, allowing you to watch a variety of movies, play games or even listen to your favourite sounds.

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