Unwrap the Best: Samsung Holiday Gift Lineup (AV)

We have plenty of great Samsung Holiday gift options, so if you’re doing some last-minute shopping there’s a whole lot to choose from.

Neo QLED: Samsung’s premium TV technology

If you’re splashing out this year, the Samsung Neo QLED lineup is a step above the rest. Whether you’re buying for a loved one or pooling together for one big gift, Neo QLED TVs are sure to see daily use for years to come.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs use a Quantum Matrix backlight technology to provide stunning image quality with brilliant contrast, bright detail, and precise colour reproduction[1]. With HDMI 2.1 it’s a great companion with current gaming consoles, supporting 120fps framerate and FreeSync Premium options for increased motion quality[2].

Samsung Holiday Gift: Premium Q Series
Samsung’s premium Q-Series Soundbars tailor performance to your listening space and compatible Samsung TV. Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Soundbar sold separately.

Q-Series Soundbars: Big screen experiences need big sound to match

Samsung’s Q Series soundbars represent some of the best the company has to offer, featuring the highest quality surround formats and exceptional audio responsiveness[3]. They bring a new level of immersion to your favourite shows, putting you right in the scene.

At the top of Samsung’s Q Series lineup, the Q990C includes Wireless True Dolby Atmos, DTS:X[4], and an unbelievable 11.1.4 channel surround sound speaker setup. Additionally, when paired with select Samsung TVs, it can even synchronise with the inbuilt TV speakers for truly massive sound thanks to Q-Symphony[5].

Samsung Holiday Gift: Freestyle
The Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector is a portable screen and entertainment device offering incredible technology and flexibility to deliver optimal viewing. Battery Base sold separately.

The Freestyle Portable Projector: For Big Screen Viewing Anywhere

The Samsung Freestyle is a uniquely portable projector that you can take anywhere. If you’re taking in the sun this summer, it can be a great companion for an impromptu movie night. Sporting a picture size up to 100 inches[6], Smart TV functions like streaming app support, and 360-degree inbuilt sound, the Freestyle broadens your viewing horizons.

Moreso, paired with a compatible power bank[7], or the Freestyle Battery Base[8], the Freestyle becomes even more versatile so you can watch your shows just about anywhere with a flat surface to project onto.[9]

Samsung Freestyle Preview

Samsung Holiday Gift: The Frame
Transform your home into an art gallery with Samsung’s The Frame TV – a TV when it’s on, art when it’s off. Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Cable not shown.

Holiday Gift Option: The Frame: Art when it’s off, TV when it’s on

Samsung’s Frame TV is one of its most popular – and for good reason. Its high-quality QLED display and attractive design helps it blend into its surroundings, transforming into a work of art when not in use.

The Frame can display a curated gallery of artworks already built in[10], hundreds more artworks from world-renowned galleries, or your own photo library of cherished memories with the SmartThings app.

Of course, it’s also an exceptional QLED TV with all the features you need to enjoy your favourite content at its best; Dolby Atmos compatibility[11], excellent brightness and colour accuracy, and a matte anti-glare display that minimises unwanted reflections[12].

Samsung Holiday Gift: Smart Monitor
Balance your home and work life experience in style with the Samsung Smart Monitor M8. The perfect companion that offers both functionality and entertainment in the comfort of your own home. Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Cable not shown.

Holiday Gift Option: Smart Monitor M8: Upgrade for work and entertainment at home

Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 is designed for massive flexibility. With the ability to rotate 90 degrees, it enables new workflows and increases both productivity and entertainment. When working on a long document or code, portrait mode lets you see more at once. But when it’s time for a break, landscape mode puts the full picture in view.

Including built-in mouse and keyboard functionality on several apps like SmartThings, Smart Hub and Gaming Hub. It makes the Smart Monitor M8 super versatile whether you’re working or relaxing[13].

Explore the array of options within Samsung Holiday Gift selection this season for fantastic gift ideas at www.samsung.com/au.

[1] Viewing experience may vary according to the type of content, format and source. Require output source capable of FreeSync Premium Pro.

[2] 120fps is dependent on external source supporting HDMI 2.1.

[3] Sound quality will vary depending on source content and environmental characteristics (including ceiling). * Source content must be Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X enabled for Dolby ATMOS® or DTS:X playback.

[4] Dolby Atmos and DTS:X applies to all 2021 Q Series Soundbars and onwards.

[5] Samsung Q-Symphony is compatible with all 2021 Neo QLED, QLED & AU8000 Samsung TVs and onwards.

[6] The Freestyle must be 260.4cm from the wall to project a 100” image.

[7] Freestyle must be connected to power outlet or a compatible battery pack (50W/20V) with USB PB to operate.

[8] Freestyle Battery Base sold separately.

[9] Picture quality is dependent on environmental factors such as wall surface, room brightness, source quality and more. For best results, recommend projecting on a flat white or bright monotone wall in a dark room.

[10] Supplied with 20 artworks. Additional artworks available for purchase or via subscription. Internet connection required.

[11] Source content must be Dolby Atmos® enabled for Dolby Atmos® playback. Samsung defined ‘True Dolby Atmos’ as featuring an upwards-firing directional speaker for three dimensional sound. Wireless Dolby Atmos compatible only for selected Samsung soundbars.

[12] Picture quality will vary depending on room conditions and lighting.

[13] A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required for online apps.