TCL’s 115QM891: World’s Largest QD-Mini LED TV (AV)

Experience the world’s largest QD Mini LED TV, TCL’s 115QM891. Offering a staggering 1432% increase in viewing area. Notably, it’s less than half the weight of traditional projectors, simplifying installation without the need for an 8-person crew.

This TV ensures a comfortable viewing distance of about 10 feet, adhering to moviemakers’ recommended field-of-view standards. TCL’s pioneering Mini LED technology, initially introduced in 2019, now presents the Mini LED Ultimate backlight. Its exceptional peak brightness, twice that of the prior flagship TV, vividly captures real-life’s brightest moments.

TCL’s commitment to picture quality extends to controlling 20,000 individual zones. Facilitating superior brightness management while revealing delicate shadow details found in Dolby Vision HDR content. This mastery over 8 million pixels, changing up to 120 times per second, ensures an unparalleled viewing experience.

Equipped with the TCL AIPQ ULTRA Processor, this TV embodies technological excellence. Delivering vibrant Quantum Dot QLED color, the gold standard in color reproduction. Seamlessly adapting to various viewing environments, it enriches home theaters and performs exceptionally even in well-lit rooms.

Not just an entertainment hub, the TCL’s 115QM891 amplifies gaming experiences, supporting 4K gaming at 120Hz and 144Hz. The Game Accelerator 240, alongside AMD FreeSyncTM Premium certification, optimizes performance, empowering gamers to monitor display functions through the new Game Bar.

TCL’s flagship TV caters to diverse entertainment preferences, ensuring uncompromised quality across movies, gaming, sports, and streaming shows. With the 115QM891, TCL propels home entertainment to new heights, eliminating the limitations of other display technologies or complex projector setups, truly elevating your viewing experience in 2024.

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