TCL CES 2024: Premium QD & New 115” Mini LED TV (AV)

TCL unveiled new TVs and sound bars at CES 2024, revolutionizing home entertainment. It champions innovation, breaking home theater barriers with award-winning products. The QLED TVs promise superior performance, larger screens, and enhanced gaming, cinema, and sports experiences, complemented by sound bars.

TCL has been a game-changer, introducing Quantum Dot and Mini LED TVs, and its own TCL AIPQ Processor. This year’s lineup showcases industry-leading tech, reinforcing TCL’s market dominance.

“Last year was a triumph,” said Chris Hamdorf, TCL North America’s Senior VP. TCL plans to elevate its offerings further, introducing its largest screen size yet. Expanding choices in 98” and Mini LED TVs.

TCL’s 2024 TV lineup includes S Class for Smart TV and Q Class for QLED TV. Featuring enhanced backlighting, enriched color, and cutting-edge TCL AIPQ Processing. The S5, part of S Class, boasts superior 4K UHD performance, incorporating High Brightness LED Backlight and HDR PRO+.

For Q Class, TCL introduces the Q6, Q6-Pro, and QM7 models, each offering distinct enhancements in Quantum Dot Technology, brightness, and gaming capabilities. The flagship QM8 sets a new standard with QD Mini LED ULTRA, Anti-Glare Screen, and immersive audio.

Massive 115″ Mini LED TV

The 115″ mega-sized 115QM89 TV by TCL redefines home entertainment with its colossal screen. Featuring QD Mini LED ULTIMATE technology with over 20,000 dimming zones, it delivers unparalleled contrast and vibrant colors for an immersive viewing experience. Powered by the TCL AIPQ ULTRA Processor, this TV ensures sharp, vivid visuals. Meanwhile, its 6.2.2 Channel Speaker system complements the stunning display with an encompassing audio experience, making it a true centerpiece for any home theater.

TCL’s 115QM89 isn’t just a TV. It’s a testament to innovation, combining expansive size, cutting-edge technology, and immersive audio to set a new standard in home entertainment.

TCL Sound Bars for 2024 embrace Dolby Atmos technology across all models. The S Class features the S45H and S55H, while the Q Class includes the Q75H and Q85H, each escalating in channels and immersive sound capabilities.

For more information, visit the TCL Newsroom.

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