Samsung’s AI-Driven Devices & Services Unveiled at CES 2024

Samsung Electronics unveiled its AI-driven devices vision for more intuitive device experiences at CES® 2024, emphasizing convenience and enhancement. Led by Jong-Hee Han, Samsung emphasized AI’s non-intrusive role in daily life, focusing on simplicity and utility. The company showcased products like the Samsung Neo QLED 8K, integrating AI for upscaling content and optimizing audio.

Accessibility features like sign language controls and audio subtitles cater to diverse needs. The Premiere 8K projector and Music Frame speaker further elevate entertainment experiences at home. Ballie, an AI companion, has evolved to assist users with tasks and deliver information efficiently.

AI drive device: Ballie

Samsung’s AI extends to kitchen appliances like the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator, reducing food waste with AI Vision Inside3. The company’s laundry combo and vacuum cleaner utilize AI for personalized experiences and efficient cleaning. Collaborating with Microsoft, the Galaxy Book4 series integrates AI for seamless connectivity and enhanced user experiences.

SmartThings harnesses spatial AI for personalized home management, utilizing sensors for detecting unusual circumstances and pet activity tracking. Bixby’s improved AI routes commands intelligently among devices, enhancing smart home dynamics. TVs with Samsung Daily+ serve as multifunctional hubs offering various services and access to SmartThings features.

The partnership with Hyundai Motor Group enables Home-to-Car and Car-to-Home services via SmartThings, allowing users to control car and home functions remotely. Collaborating with HARMAN, Samsung enhances driving experiences with innovations like Ready Care, Ready Vision, and Ready Upgrade, prioritizing safety, intuitive displays, and vehicle updates.

Samsung’s relentless pursuit of AI-driven devices integration aims to redefine daily life, enhancing convenience and personalization across devices and services. This holistic approach aligns with their commitment to creating smarter, more connected experiences for users.

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