LG 2024 TVs : AI-Powered, Vibrant, Personalized Viewing (AV)

LG unveils its 2024 TVs – QNED and QNED Mini LED TV lineup, featuring diverse screen options including a massive 98-inch size. These TVs offer vibrant picture quality, AI-powered processing, customization, and premium design.

Evolved with the α8 AI Processor, the 2024 QNED TVs boast enhanced AI and graphics performance. AI Picture Pro refines visuals by identifying faces, objects, and backgrounds, enriching texture and details. Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro optimizes HDR for realistic images.

LG 2024 TVs: QNED and QNED Mini LED
LG 2024 TVs

AI Sound Pro delivers 9.1.2 surround sound through built-in speakers. WOW Orchestra merges the LG Sound Bar and TV speakers for mesmerizing 3D audio.


Moreover, leveraging Quantum Dot and NanoCell color technologies, QNED TVs provide crisp and vivid visuals for immersive viewing. Precision Dimming technology enhances contrast, while local dimming ensures vivid brightness.

The QNED Mini LED TV QNED90 model offers a Million Grey Scale for vibrant contrast. Slim with a 29mm profile, QNED85 and QNED80 models blend seamlessly and can be wall-mounted.

LG’s webOS Re:New program updates the smart TV platform, offering personalization and individual profiles based on user preferences and viewing history.


Furthermore, enhancing accessibility, LG QNED TVs offer features like dedicated menu settings and sign language avatars. The 2024 lineup includes a vast range of sizes, catering from 43 to an ultra-large 98-inch screen.

Baik Seon-pill, head of LG Home Entertainment, emphasizes the personalized user experience across different screen sizes. CES 2024 visitors can explore LG’s innovations at booth #16008.

In conclusion, LG’s 2024 QNED TV line-up represents a significant leap in home entertainment technology, catering to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences. With an array of innovative features, vibrant visuals, and personalized experiences, these TVs are poised to redefine the viewing experience for consumers worldwide.

With advancements in AI, picture quality, and user experience, LG continues its commitment to delivering exceptional home entertainment. Follow #LGCES2024 for CES updates.

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