Hisense 2024 Mini-LED TVs: Setting Brightness Standards (AV)

The Hisense 2024 Mini-LED TV range has been expanded and sets new benchmarks for brightness and clarity. At CES 2024, the company unveiled its enhanced Mini-LED TV range. Alongside is also a new soundbar lineup, emphasizing innovation and quality.

In this year’s offerings, Hisense takes another leap in Mini-LED innovation, focusing on greater brightness and clarity. The ULED benchmark is reshaped with Mini-LED visuals at its core, defining the 2024 flagship UXAU and the U8 and U7 Series.

Hisense ensures a premium viewing experience across its top three models. Incorporating QLED Quantum Dot, Dolby Vision IQ, and 144Hz native support as standard features. Notably, IMAX Enhanced Certification enriches visuals, enhancing content from various streaming services like Disney+.

Hisense 2024 Mini-LED Mini-LED TVs: Game Mode Pro

For gaming enthusiasts, the 2024 range brings Game Mode Pro to the U7 Series and above, simplifying the activation of essential gaming features. Additionally, the new Hisense Game Bar provides a convenient overview of active features and current frames per second (FPS) when gaming consoles or PCs are in use.

Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing at Hisense ANZ, expresses commitment to delivering value through innovation. He highlights the vivid viewing experience offered by the 2024 Hisense Mini-LED TV range in sunlit Australian living spaces.

Expanding their offerings, Hisense introduces the UXAU in two additional screen sizes. A flagship 110-inch model for premium experiences and a 65-inch model for smaller living spaces. Alongside this, the U8 Series now includes an 85-inch option, sporting enhanced audio and improved contrast and clarity technologies.

The U7 Series extends up to 100 inches with increased dimming zones, providing enhanced contrast. Hisense also introduces the U6 Series, offering an affordable entry into Mini-LED technology for customers seeking premium features at competitive prices.

Responding to the demand for larger screens, Hisense unveils 100-inch and 110-inch options. The 100Q7AU, featuring exceptional image quality, targets price-conscious buyers seeking a super-sized big screen.


The VIDAA U7 operating system is streamlined across the TV range, offering tailored content recommendations and access to various streaming services and free content. The introduction of a solar remote and an eco-friendly approach underscores Hisense’s commitment to uninterrupted functionality and sustainability.

Complementing the TVs, the new soundbar range promises immersive audio experiences with Dolby Atmos and Pure Surround technology. Hisense prioritizes user feedback, making premium features accessible and user-friendly in the 2024 TV range, catering to diverse customer preferences.

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