TCL 2022 phone, tablet, and Wi-Fi range (MCW 2022)

MWC 2022 saw the launch of the new TCL 2022 phone, tablet and Wi-Fi range. It comprises the TCL 30-series smartphones, NXTPAPER MAX 10 e-ink tablet, TAB 10 (4/5G), and various 4/5G Wi-Fi modem/routers.

Note that final models, prices and availability in Australia are unknown.

What is TCL Mobile?

Although it has the same Chinese parent company, TCL Mobile (website and not confused with its TV and home appliances division) handles smartphones, tablets, and AR glasses. TCL also licences the Alcatel brand, although the former seems to have all but disappeared from Australia. In terms of market share, it has only been selling TCL branded phones here for the last three years. It is a challenger brand.

Readers ask, are their phones any good? Well, its 2021 20-series were pretty good for the price reflecting its third-gen. It has a 24-months ACL warranty.

It is yet to rate on the Australian market share scale. The main thing holding it back is the lack of established retailer/telco distribution, with Harvey Norman as the only one selling most of the range.

TCL 30-series smartphones (international pricing)

All five use MediaTek SoC and have a 5000mAh battery and a 50MP primary camera sensor.

  • 5G from €249 (approx. A$400), 6.7”, 18W charge
  • + from €199 (approx. A$310). 6.7”, 18W charge
  • Standard from €179 (approx. A$280), 6.7”, 18W charge
  • SE from €149 (approx. A$230), 6.52”
  • E from €139 (approx. A$216)., 6.52”

Not all models will come to Australia, and the prices exclude higher freight costs and local taxes. The Russian invasion of Poland may adversely affect Euro versus A$ exchange rates.


It is a 10.36” 1920X1200 Android 11 touch tablet. NXTPAPER is a transflective (uses natural ambient light – no backlight), paper-like display using e-Ink (does not display all colours/tones). It is ideally suited to online education, reading, and other basic online tasks. It does not work as well in the dark.

NXTPAPER MAX 10 will be available from €269 (approx. A$420).

TCL Android TAB 10 and 12 4G and 5G Models

The more traditional IPS LCD screens come in 10”, 4 and 5G and a 12” 5G model.

  • 10 1280 x 720 HD 4G will be starting at €179 (approx. A$280), 5500mAh,
  • 10 1920 x 1080 FHD 4G version at €199 (approx. A$310)
  • 10s 5G at €349 (approx. A$550), 8000mAh, 4GB
  • 12 – TBA

TCL 4 and 5G modem/routers (CPE – customer premises equipment)

We may not see this here, given strict certification parameters and testing costs.

  • LINKHUB 5G CPE HH515, Wi-Fi 6
  • LINKZONE 4G LTE CAT6 Mobile Wi-Fi MW63, modem and optional home station,
  • LINKZONE 5G Mobile Wi-Fi MW513, sub-6Ghz and low band

CyberShack view – TCL 2022 phone, tablet, and Wi-Fi range

This is an announcement only prepared from TCL’s press release. We provide readers with various brands’ industry announcements to keep them informed.

It does not imply CyberShack endorsement or approval until we review items.

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TCL 2022 phone, tablet, and Wi-Fi range

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