Samsung’s New Odyssey OLED, Smart Monitor and ViewFinity Lineups

Samsung’s new proprietary technology in the latest Odyssey OLED series provides next-level OLED experiences and prevents burn-in. The Smart Monitor M8 and Odyssey OLED G8 come with enhanced entertainment features powered by AI. New ViewFinity models enable more efficient workplaces.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the global launch of its 2024 Odyssey OLED gaming monitor, Smart Monitor, and ViewFinity monitor lineups. Samsung’s 2024 range delivers premium monitors designed for every Australian lifestyle. Enhanced by powerful AI-driven features that bring new experiences across the lineup.

The Odyssey range introduces a next-level OLED experience with new AI capabilities in the Odyssey OLED G8. Setting a new standard in gaming technology from the Global No.1 OLED Monitor brand. The refreshed Smart Monitor lineup features enhanced entertainment capabilities, including the AI-powered Smart Monitor M8. The all-new ViewFinity range aims to elevate creative connectivity.

“Our latest monitor lineups offer a breadth of options for Australians, delivering seamless experiences and new enhancements for work, living, and entertainment at home,” said Phil Gaut, Senior Director – Display, Brand, and Memory, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“From the groundbreaking AI-powered Odyssey OLED range to multi-device experiences in the Smart Monitor and ViewFinity models, Samsung remains committed to redefining the market and delivering cutting-edge technologies to Australian consumers.”

Odyssey OLED Series: Visual Excellence with New Burn-In Prevention Features

Samsung has expanded its next-generation OLED lineup with the new Odyssey OLED G8 (G80SD model) and Odyssey OLED G6 (G60SD model), reinforcing its leadership in the OLED market. This comes after achieving the top position in global OLED monitor sales within a year of launching its first OLED model.

The Odyssey OLED G8, Samsung’s first flat 32” OLED gaming monitor, features 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It boasts a 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms gray-to-gray (GtG) response time for ultra-smooth gameplay. G-Sync eliminates tearing and stuttering, providing rich visuals. The NQ8 AI Gen3 processor enhances performance by upscaling content to nearly 4K when using Samsung Gaming Hub and native Smart TV apps, improving gaming and entertainment resolution.

The Odyssey OLED G6 is a 27” QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It features a 360Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms (GtG) response time, perfect for fast-moving gameplay.

Both models include Samsung OLED Safeguard+, a new burn-in protection technology. This technology prevents burn-in by applying a pulsating heat pipe. The Dynamic Cooling System, which evaporates and condenses a coolant, diffuses heat four times more effectively than the older graphite sheet method. The monitors also detect static images like logos and taskbars, automatically reducing their brightness to prevent burn-in.

Both monitors offer brilliant OLED picture quality with a brightness of 250 nits (Typ.). FreeSync Premium Pro keeps the GPU and display panel synced, minimising choppiness, screen lag, and tearing. Samsung’s new OLED Anti-Glare technology preserves colour accuracy and reduces reflections, maintaining image sharpness even in daylight. A super slim metal design gives the monitors a distinct identity. Core Lighting+ enhances experiences with ambient lighting that syncs with the screen. An ergonomic stand ensures comfort with adjustable height, tilt, and swivel support.

Smart Monitor M8: AI Processing for Crystal Clear Video and Audio

The updated Smart Monitor lineup integrates a complete multi-device experience into one hub. The 2024 models, including the M8 (M80D model), M7 (M70D model), and M5 (M50D model), provide enhanced entertainment and greater productivity.

The upgraded 32” 4K UHD Smart Monitor M8 introduces AI-powered features with the NQM AI processor. AI upscaling brings lower resolution content to nearly 4K. Active Voice Amplifier Pro uses AI to optimise dialogue by analysing background noise. The M8’s 360 Audio Mode pairs with compatible Galaxy Buds to create an immersive sound environment. The built-in SlimFit Camera facilitates video calls through mobile applications with Samsung Dex.

The new Workout Tracker feature pairs with a compatible Galaxy Watch to display real-time health data on the screen. This makes tracking workout goals easier and more enjoyable.

The M7 is available in 32” and 43” with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, 300 nits (Typ.) brightness, and a 4ms (GtG) response time. The M5 is available in 27” and 32” with FHD resolution (1920 x 1080), 250 nits (Typ.) brightness, and a 4ms (GtG) response time.

ViewFinity Series: Maximising Creativity and Ease of Use

Optimised for creatives and professionals, the ViewFinity lineup includes the ViewFinity S8 (S80UD), ViewFinity S7 (S70D), and ViewFinity S6 (S60UD). The S60UD supports Daisy Chaining, allowing multiple monitors to connect with a single connection, making it easy to duplicate or extend content.

The Easy Setup Stand requires no tools or screws, enabling quick assembly. All 2024 ViewFinity monitors support HDR10 and display 1 billion colours, ensuring accurate colour representation. TÜV-Rheinland-certified Intelligent Eye Care features help alleviate eye strain during prolonged use.

The ViewFinity S8 offers 27” and 32” options, each with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and 350 nits (Typ.) brightness. A USB hub and height-adjustable stand are included. The S80UD model features a KVM switch for easy connection and switching between two input devices. A USB-C port allows charging devices with up to 90W of power.

The ViewFinity S7 is available in 27” and 32”. It comes with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, 350 nits (Typ.) brightness, and a 60Hz refresh rate. The ViewFinity S6 is available in 24”, 27”, and 32” with QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, 100Hz refresh rate, and 350 nits (Typ.) brightness. The S60UD model includes a built-in KVM switch and a USB-C port (up to 90W charging).

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