Galaxy Z Fold6: Maximise Productivity with AI (smartphone)

With the overnight announcement of Galaxy Z Fold6, Samsung continues its reign in the foldable smartphone market. Aiming to solidify their position as the kings of foldable tech, this latest model showcases an array of AI-powered features designed to maximise its expansive screen and enhance productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

Note Assist6 on Samsung Notes provides translation, summaries, and auto formatting for easy meeting notes. A new transcript feature transcribes, translates, and summarises voice recordings directly in Notes. The PDF overlay translation feature translates text in PDF files and overlays it perfectly in Samsung Notes7, even supporting text in images and graphs. Samsung Keyboard’s new Composer8 generates text from simple keywords for emails, social media posts, and comments. Additionally, the S Pen9 experience is enhanced with Galaxy AI on the Galaxy Z Fold6’s screen. With Sketch to Image10, you can draw anywhere on the foldable display and create AI-generated images.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 revolutionises work, play, and staying informed, thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Google. Curious about an artist in a video? Just long-press the home button and use Circle to Search11 for instant search results.


Galaxy AI has improved barrier-free communication on the Galaxy Z Fold6. Interpreter12, utilising the dual screen form factor, enables both parties to view translations on the main and cover screens for natural interactions. It also offers one-way translation for understanding lectures or presentations. Live Translate13 directly translates phone calls in real-time on your device.

From capturing to editing, the AI-powered ProVisual Engine on the Galaxy Z Fold6 elevates your creativity. The advanced editing experience with Photo Assist14 on the large screen helps you create professional-grade content effortlessly. Portrait Studio15 offers various portrait styles, including 3D cartoon and watercolour. Instant Slow-mo16 allows you to slow down videos by generating additional frames while maintaining a smooth viewing experience. You can save and share these videos with friends and family.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 isn’t just for creating content but also enjoying it. It offers an upgraded gaming experience with its powerful chipset and a 1.6x larger vapour chamber for extended gaming sessions without performance loss. Ray Tracing supports vivid graphics on a 7.6-inch screen17, which boasts a brighter display of up to 2,600 nits for immersive gaming.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 will be available for pre-order starting today, July 11, with general availability starting July 31 and available in Silver Shadow, Pink and Navy, so you can choose a colour that best suits your style.

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