OPPO MariSilicon X radically ups camera performance (OPPO INNO DAY 2021)

OPPO has developed a new cutting-edge Imaging NPU – the OPPO MariSilicon X, and it is impressive. 20X faster 4K AI Processing; about 66% less power use;20-bit RAW processing; and 4X the dynamic range of the 2021 flagship OPPO Find X3 Pro.

It is not every day that this reviewer is gobsmacked when OPPO tells me that my Find X3 Pro – currently using the fastest 2021 processor and full 10-bit photo colour path is a dinosaur. But this new 6nm OPPO MariSilicon X Imaging NPU will have exponential camera performance.

OPPO MariSilicon X combines an advanced NPU, ISP, and multi-tier memory architecture to deliver incredible performance with power efficiency. It makes real-time RAW processing possible to capture stunning 4K AI Night Video with live preview. It will debut in Q1 2022 on the Find X Series. By rights, it will blow other cameraphones out of the water.

OPPO has been behind some of the most significant innovations in the industry regarding camera modules, lenses, and algorithms. Our new cutting-edge imaging NPU is the biggest leap we’ve taken so far. It brings more power to mobile imaging systems and creating an extraordinary experience for our users.

Jiang Bo, OPPO’s Senior Director

OPPO MariSilicon X tech specs (relevant Find X3 Pro in brackets)

  • 20-X faster 4K AI processing
  • 40FPS AI (2)
  • 797mW (1693)
  • 8.5GB/s dedicated DDR Bandwidth
  • 20-bit RAW processing (10-bit YuV processing)
  • 20-bit 120dB Ultra High Dynamic range (10-bit)
  • 4K AI Night video and lossless RAW processing
  • Enhanced Live preview WYSISYG
  • RGBW sensor (R, B, G, 4x W) in pro mode gives 7.9x increase in the image signal to noise ratio

Cybershack view – time for a new phone

MariSilicon X unleashes the power of AI Noise Reduction algorithms to create clearer and sharper videos. It also features a greater dynamic range and better colour reproduction, making each frame look just as rich and defined as a still photo. It is the first time 4K AI HDR Night Video capture is on Android phones.

OPPO already uses the best Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC on its flagship phones. This is a separate co-processor for images sitting beside the SoC, enabling new performance heights.

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