LG 2024 Soundbar Innovations: Elevating Home Entertainment (AV)

LG has had success with their wide range of soundbars providing a impressive audio enhancement to both their own TVs and other manufacturers in the market. In 2023 they launched a range of standalone soundbars and that are integrated with the inbuilt speakers on their key television models. We does not know LG 2024 soundbars yet, but they have already announced the roadmap of soundbar offerings for next year.

The LG 2024 soundbars elevate audio quality, fostering a heightened sense of immersion. LG focuses on convenience when paired with WOW Orchestra, enabling an unmatched audio experience. By tapping into the full potential of their audio channels, these soundbars, especially deliver an expansive soundstage. This is achieved with improved depth, and heightened audio precision, facilitated by the advanced technology of DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

The flagship S95TR model boasts an impressive 810W output and a captivating surround sound with its 15 channels. It includes innovative up-firing speakers for an immersive three-dimensional audio experience. With enhanced tweeters and a passive radiator it ensures precise audio and rich bas. Additionally reducing reflections for an optimal viewing experience.

LG 2024 Soundbar

The SG10TY soundbar, designed as a companion to LG’s premium OLED TVs. They seamlessly integrate with the TV, offering a wireless home entertainment experience with high-fidelity audio quality. Its aesthetic design complements LG OLED TVs, presenting a sleek visual match when paired with these ultra-thin TVs.

Additionally, the S70TY soundbar, tailored for LG QNED TVs, features an angled design and a dedicated bracket. It enables seamless integration with the TV, enhanced voice clarity, and a refined appearance. The bracket facilitates easy installation without drilling holes in the wall, allowing customizable wall-mounting for an optimized sound experience.

LG’s Triple Level Spatial Sound technology and AI Room Calibration further enhance the audio quality. It offers lifelike sound and adapting audio settings to the room’s acoustics, expanding audio immersion and flexibility for installation.

In 2024, LG will introduce new speakers and earbuds to the global market. The LG XO2 speaker offers omnidirectional audio in a compact design, delivering consistent high-quality sound in all directions. Its distinctive conical-cylindrical design and 360-degree mood lighting create a unique audiovisual experience.

Meanwhile, the latest LG TONE Free T90S earbuds provide balanced sound, improved Dolby Head Tracking, and refined Adaptive ANC, ensuring an immersive audio experience even on non-Bluetooth devices using the Plug & Wireless feature.

Lee Jeong-seok, head of LG Home Entertainment Company’s audio business, emphasized LG’s commitment to providing superior audio-visual experiences for customers. These cutting-edge soundbar products aim to enhance surround sound for LG OLED TVs and LG QNED TVs, providing immersive home entertainment experiences.

LG will showcase its latest innovations in home entertainment at CES 2024 from January 9-12 at Las Vegas Convention Center. Stay updated on LG’s CES announcements by following #LGCES2024 on social media.

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