LG WashTower – huge 17kg wash and 10kg dryer (laundry)

LG has released its WashTower for a massive 17kg capacity wash and 10kg heat pump dryer in a single tower design. It is perfect for large families and junior football teams!

Apart from being one space-saving device, the washer has a 39-minute rapid cycle, AI fabric care and can talk to the dryer to automate settings.

The LG WashTower features

  • LG AI Direct Drive (AI DD) technology weighs the load and assesses the fabric to select the best wash motions in the selected cycle.
  • Smart sharing automatically sets the optimal drying course.
  • TurboClean water jets during the wash cycle improves wash performance and shortens wash times.
  • Allergy cycle utilises steam to remove common household allergens in fabrics.
  • LG ThinQ app monitors washing and drying cycles and energy consumption, receive alerts, help diagnose appliance problems and download new cycles.
  • 10-star dryer energy rating. It uses low heat to gently dry clothes through heat pump technology, and this reduces the risk of material shrinkage

Base specs – LG WashTower

WebsiteProduct page
ColoursBlack Steel ($5999) or White ($5399)
FromHarvey Norman has the black unit on special at $4888
Warranty2-years parts and labour and 10-years on direct-drive motor and compressor
WELS4-star 174 litres wash and 10-star dry
Size1900 x 700 x 770mm x 156kg

What is a heat pump dryer?

If you don’t count the Hills hoist in the backyard, there are three main dryer types.

  • Heated, vented, tumble air dryer (some with smart sensors) and usually the lowest cost and highest energy use. Pro – usually fast 60 minutes for a typical load. Con – appalling energy consumption and blows hot air into the laundry (unless vented outside)
  • Condenser dryer. A closed system where air flows over a heating coil into the tumble drum, passes through a condenser chamber that dries the air and starts the cycle again. Pro – closed system suitable for internal laundries. Con – Can be quite slow
  • Heat Pump. Works like a reverse cycle air conditioner in heat mode in a closed system. Pro – gentle and energy-efficient. Con – Can be even slower than condenser dryers

Cybershack view – The LG WashTower is for special cases

At nearly $6K (RRP), you are going to need a lot of washing and drying to justify it compared to a lower cost stackable front loader and heated dryer. Or you simply want the best and what not? You deserve it.

The Heat Pump is a great way to dry clothes but remember that it will take much longer than a wash cycle – a full 10kg load of sheets and towels may wash in an hour or so, but drying may be three hours or more. 17kg wash is a terrific capacity for blankets, duvets, pillows and oversized items.

One final point – it is big and heavy, so make sure your floor supports it and that you have the cabinet size to fit.