LG WashTower goes Candy Red (laundry)

The LG WashTower is an innovative all-in-one stacked washer/dryer that shares the centre control panel to provide clean lines in the laundry.

It comes in 12/9kg and 17/10kg washer/heat pump dryer capacities. Its latest colourway is the very trendy Candy Red – it is kind of a hyped-up elegant burgundy.

The LG WashTower has a reduced height over two stackable units where the top controls can often be out of reach.

Apart from being one space-saving device, the washer has a 39-minute rapid cycle, AI fabric care and can talk to the dryer to automate settings.

By merging cutting-edge technology with playfulness and personalisation, our 2023 product line elevates everyday experiences and brings a touch of Life’s Good into Australian homes.

Shannon Tweedie, Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Electronics Australia

Base specs – LG WashTower (as at 12/10/23, price excludes delivery or sales events)

WebsiteRange page
Colours PriceCany Red 17/10 $4999 Back Steel 17/10 $4999 White 17/10 $4999 Platinum Black 12/9 $3999 Forest Green/Beige 12/9 $3999 There is a bonus Luxury Escapes eGift Card by redemption
FromHarvey Norman has bonus deals, and LG Online
Warranty2-years parts and labour and 10-years on direct-drive motor and compressor
WELS4-star 174 litres wash and 10-star dry
Size1900 x 700 x 770mm x 156kg

The LG WashTower features

  • LG AI Direct Drive (AI DD) technology. Weighs the load, assesses the fabric, and selects the best wash motions in the selected cycle.
  • Smart sharing automatically sets the optimal drying course.
  • TurboClean water jets during the wash cycle improve wash performance and shorten wash times.
  • The allergy cycle utilises steam to remove common household allergens in fabrics.
  • LG ThinQ app monitors washing and drying cycles. It also shows energy consumption, receives alerts, helps diagnose appliance problems and downloads new cycles.
  • 10-star dryer energy rating. It uses low heat to gently dry clothes through heat pump technology, and this reduces the risk of material shrinkage

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