LG Styler for the fastidious dresser

Have you ever owned a Corby Trouser Press? Well, you are missing out on pin-sharp creases, and LG wants to offer you its new and improved LG Styler S5MB that can out press Corby and uses steam to remove wrinkles at the same time.

There are two models – the older S3BF for $2999 for three hanging items and one pants press and the new S5MB for $3999 with five hanging items and one pants press.

Essentially it is a cabinet that uses heat and steam for various cycles – refresh, drying, special care and sanitary (as in germ-killing). These cater to things like wools and knits, suits/coats/trousers, shirts, bedding, faux furs and anything that can be safely hung and air-dried. It is for things you would not put in a tumble dryer.

There are a few things to remember. It is a big cabinet (see size later), it needs a standard power point, and a heat pump removes water (like the LG WashTower), so you have to empty the reservoir. Heat pump drying is gradual, and it could take a few hours.

Base specs – LG Styler S5MB or S3MB

WebsiteS5MB Grey with mirror glass door $3999S3MB White with linen black door $2999
FromHarvey Norman on special for $3299Harvey Norman on special for $2799
Size2010 x 690 x 700 x 100kg1915 x 661 x 538 x 78kg
Capacity5 hanging items and 1 pants3 hanging items and 1 pants
RefreshLight (20), Normal (39) and Heavy (64) minutesSame (Heavy 59)
DryingNormal (90), Timer (30/60/90/120) and dehumidify (120/240) minutesNormal (90), rain-wet (51) and dehumidify (120)
SanitaryRanges from 99-132 minutesSame
Special27-59 minutes27-64 minutes
Aroma infuserYesSame
LG ThinQYessame
Warranty2-years parts and labour and 10-years part on heat pump compressorSame
ShelfIncluded for larger non-hanging objects like shoes, child’s toys, pillows etcSame

Cybershack view – the LG styler, is for the fastidious dresser

I owned a Corby trouser press for most of my adult life. I never felt comfortable wearing crushed or creased trousers. This does the same and using steam also prolongs the time between dry cleans.

The hanger system is interesting as it moves the garment from side to side (160 rpm) and reduces creases in shirts or coats.

Being a heat pump, it should be energy efficient but does not replace a tumble dryer for larger loads and faster drying.

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