LG Life’s Good with Optimism Campaign Launch

LG is launching a new brand campaign to support their consistent rollout quality TVs, appliances and other electrical products. The new campaign is about generating a optimistic brand feeling with the Australian community. ‘Life’s Good’ has been a positioning statement for the business for almost 25 years and now LG is looking to tweak the message. Explaining to attendees of their launch that achieving success in the technology brand is not just about having the most features and best quality products – it’s also about achieving an emotive position with future potential customers.

The campaign particularly strikes a chord with young Australians navigating worldly pressures while shaping their identities. It delivers an emotive message of support to an expanding demographic of Gen Z consumers wielding significant purchasing power.

For us, Life’s Good is beyond a slogan; it’s a brand promise that has guided every step since its introduction 24 years ago. Optimism is about finding the light when things are at their darkest and the idea of carrying this through troubling times is important to us as a brand.”

Globally, we are acutely focused on enhancing customer lives through transforming into a smart life solution company, with innovation at the core. Our message is about inspiring and encouraging people, especially young people, to approach life with an optimistic attitude, uplifting them and creating a meaningful influence in their lives during challenging times.

Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia

This transformation in how people live and engage with technology is steered by the enduring ethos of the ‘Life’s Good’ philosophy.

To mark the launch of the ‘Life’s Good with Optimism’ campaign, LG partnered with Cody Simpson, a global ambassador renowned for his achievements in music and athletics, to share his tale of courageous optimism. Cody’s journey, defying expectations and fearlessly pursuing goals – showcases the power of positivity in overcoming challenges and inspiring fellow young Australians to embrace life with bravery.

In line with the company’s vision for optimism, LG hosted an insightful panel at its cutting-edge offices in Parramatta, Sydney, featuring ambassador Cody Simpson and bestselling author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur Emma Carey. The discussion witnessed both Cody and Emma opening up about pivotal moments where embracing optimism propelled them towards better lives.

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