JBL Authentics: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Sound Innovation

JBL Authentics pay homage to its musical roots. A modern twist on a timeless classic.

One thing JBL does really well is maintain a linkage to their musical roots. It loves to support the world’s best musicians and creators. It was no surprise that they would one day create an audio sub-brand whose design also links back to the speakers of yesteryear. They called it the JBL Authentics range, and it is here in time for Christmas.

THE JBL AUTHENTICS series (website) pays tribute to the legendary JBL L100 speaker, featuring the iconic Quadrex grille pattern. While retaining a timeless aesthetic, these speakers deliver a dreamlike audio experience, incorporating cutting-edge sound technology and seamless synchronization with your devices.


The Authentics speaker takes cues from the ’70s JBL L100 model. It reinterprets the classic design with a high-quality aluminium frame and a meticulously crafted enclosure wrapped in custom synthetic leather.


Immerse yourself in the outstanding JBL pro sound, ensuring you never miss a beat. Precision-engineered components provide perfectly balanced audio, delivering a big, balanced sound for remarkable clarity.


Effortlessly pair the JBL Authentics with any music device, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, gaming console, or even our all-new turntable, the JBL Spinner.


Experience audio perfection with the Authentics series. Meticulously crafted components bring you a rich and balanced sound profile, ensuring an immersive listening experience that transcends expectations.

Elevate your vinyl listening experience with our latest turntable. Seamlessly connect it to the Authentics speakers and indulge in the warmth and authenticity of analog sound, bringing a new dimension to your music collection.

The Authentics series not only captivates with its homage to heritage but also stands out with a design that complements any space. Revel in the fusion of aesthetics and audio excellence, making a statement in both style and substance.

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