Holiday Shopping Trends: Savings and Gifting Priorities

Oppo sends word that following research (Holiday Shopping Trends) – that kids in Australia will likely have their parents throwing down $321 per child on Christmas gifts this year. Not bad at all if you asked us. Moreover, the research also shows clothing, food, drinks, and technology will have a heavy presence under the Christmas tree. Additionally, wanting to get their foot in the door so to speak, Oppo teamed up with Telstra wholesale reseller Konec to offer some value bundles that might be of interest.

As the festive season approaches, new insights from OPPO Australia shed light on Holiday Shopping Trends. Surprisingly, an overwhelming 92% of Aussies are actively seeking ways to manage their expenses this Christmas, dedicating extra time to secure the best deals, especially in categories like clothing, food, beverages, and technology.

Furthermore, in response to this growing need for budget-friendly yet impressive gifts, OPPO Australia and Konec Mobile have collaborated to offer exclusive bundles. Featuring OPPO’s popular phones paired with unbeatable savings. Furthermore, these bundles were carefully curated for the holiday season, presenting an opportunity for savvy shoppers to acquire cutting-edge technology without straining their pockets.

Key Insights from OPPO’s Research on Holiday Shopping Trends:

•  92% of Australians are seeking ways to economize this festive season.

•  79% are investing an additional 18 hours in Christmas shopping for better deals.

•  Almost half (43%) are devoting over eight days to research for specific Christmas list items.

•  Top discounted categories include clothing (61%), food, and beverages (46%), and technology (43%).

•  Aussies plan to allocate an average of $844 to their Christmas shopping.

The Exclusive bundles aims to cater to the demand for cost-effective yet high-quality gifts. Featuring renowned OPPO phones bundled with exceptional savings. Additionally, these offerings aim to meet the holiday gifting needs while providing top-notch technology at affordable prices.

Exclusive Offers Include:

•  Find N2 Flip Bundle: Save $300. Featuring the Find N2 Flip for $1,199 (RRP $1,499) along with a Konec $60 90-Day Prepaid Mobile Plan.

•  A38 Bundle: Unlock 50% Off. Grab the A38 for $129 (RRP $259) with a Konec $60 90-Day Prepaid Mobile Plan.

•  A79 Bundle: Save $80. Acquire the A79 for $249 (RRP $329) alongside a Konec Mobile 90 Day Plan.

Further Options: These bundles are compatible with the $259 365-Day Plan, offering 259GB of data with a 365-day expiry, unlimited standard calls and SMS, and data banking up to 500GB. Additionally, all OPPO phones in the bundles are unlocked through Konec Mobile, ensuring maximum user flexibility.

Moreover, this holiday season, OPPO and Konec Mobile aim to make top-tier technology more accessible, presenting thoughtful and affordable gifting solutions for those looking to spread joy without breaking the bank.

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