Arlo cracks 1 million Arlo Secure paid subscriptions

It is not often a company crows about reaching a ‘paid’ subscription level, but Arlo cracks 1 million Arlo Secure paid subscriptions is big news for the company and its users.

Now we all know Arlo is one of, if not the leading, consumer wireless security camera makers. It was spun out of NETGEAR in 2018 to laser focus on home security. And since then, it has done a great job.

To be fair to Arlo, I was not its greatest supporter back then. why? Primarily because Aussies hate monthly subscriptions to get a service. But times change, and so do attitudes. We now gladly shell out monthly fees to Spotify, Netflix, Apple and many more – it is the subscription economy. If we continue to get value, then we stick with it.

So, what changed for me? Well, I started to see that if a service was free, the product was you! Or, more specifically, your data.

The stark realisation is that Chinese companies (subject to the law of that country) make most consumer security cameras. Apart from Arlo, D-Link, Google Nest, Swann and Uniden (the list is not exhaustive), most store user data on Chinese mainland servers. These include EZVIZ, EUFY, HiKVision, Dahua, Anker, Xiaomi, Smart, InOmega, StarCam, Zosi, Reolink, Skyhawk and most Amazon, Kogan, Dick Smith, Mighty Ape, eBay merchants, to name but a few. The problem is that many of these OEMs white label for other so-called ‘safe’ brands.

These cheap cameras were reporting when I was home/out, facial and object recognition, exfiltrating my contacts – the list goes on. Since then, I ripped out the shonkies and rely on Arlo for security and privacy.

Arlo has a Privacy Pledge

Another watershed moment was when Arlo announced its industry-leading ‘Privacy Pledge’, which no other security camera maker comes close to – even if it tries.

In essence, it states

  • Your personal data belongs to you alone
  • It is not monetised
  • You control your data
  • It supports privacy legislation
  • Storage is safe and secure and subject to Australian laws
  • Security is a culture, and cybersecurity is a focus

I asked Arlo why it had taken such a brilliant but financially risky step. The response was that as it is a paid service, it can afford to do the right thing. Free or freemium services cannot.

What is Arlo Secure

The website covers more details

  • 2K (Arlo Secure) and 4K (Arlo Secure Plus) Cloud-based Video Recording for 30 days
  • Unlimited Cameras on the one plan
  • Advanced Object Detection. Arlo processes and filters 50 million events each day through advanced object detection backed by visual artificial intelligence. This allows better recognition of people, packages, vehicles, and animals to add key context to notifications and reduce unwanted alerts.
  • Smart Interactive Notifications. Users can take quick action by responding to rich notifications or viewing an animated preview of a notification video through the lock screen on their smartphone, smart speaker or watch.
  • Smoke and CO Alarm Detection. Get notified when the camera hears a smoke or CO alarm triggered. 
  • Cloud-based Activity Zones. Users can reduce notifications by highlighting specific areas on their property for motion detection.
  • Call a Friend – Customers can instantly call a friend through the Arlo App from their notification screen with one tap. 
  • 24/7 Priority Support. Priority technical support through the in-app Help Centre with omnichannel access to phone, chat, Community, or self-help articles.

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