Xbox 360 Comes With Natal?

Gears of War VP believes Microsoft’s Natal will come standard with Xbox 360

In an interview with OXM, Epic Games’ VP Mark Rein has said he believes that when Microsoft’s Natal motion sensor unit comes out it will come bundled with the Xbox 360.

How does he know this? Well, officially he doesn’t, but it is interesting to note that his company’s latest rendition of its Gears of War franchise will feature Natal. And while this in no way proves that Natal will come as part of the package, it does suggest Rein has been talking to Microsoft.

As you would expect, Microsoft are saying nothing, and why would they. If Natal does come bundled with the console, then that means a price increase, and with a price war going on at the moment, the last thing Microsoft would want doing the rounds is that the Xbox might start costing a bit more – even if it does come with one of the coolest developments in gaming since the Wii motion sensor.