With Samsung, Size Matters

New range of Samsung monitors offers up four power-saving modes for screens.

Samsung’s new range of LCD monitors includes a power saving feature, Magic Eco, which is said to offer four power-saving modes that adjust the brightness of your screen – Power Saving Off, 100 percent, 75 percent, and 50 percent – enabling you to control the amount of power your monitor consumes. Additionally, the monitors use 0.3W of power in standby mode, making them over 60 percent more energy efficient than previous comparable models, claims Samsung.

Samsung says it has designed these models in different sizes to take into account the varying sizes of peoples’ workspaces in and around the home.

The new range’s Magic Angle feature further expands its functionality by creating good viewing from any angle. Whether you are viewing the screen from below or lying down, the Magic Angle feature recreates the same image as it would when viewing the screen from the front.

Designed with entertainment in mind, the B2230 and B2430L deliver vivid images with high brightness (300cd/m2) and contrast ratio (70,000:1), so you can experience all your favourite multimedia content in the sharpest, clearest and most dynamic way. Intense natural colours and lifelike detail gives you good image quality, says Samsung.

B2030/B2430L $249
B2230 $299