Thin Headset From Motorola

Motorola claims its new bluetooth headset with ‘outstanding’ noise suppression

Motorola’s new Bluetooth headset features the company’s thinnest ever dual–microphone headset and incorporates CrystalTalk technology which provides outstanding noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise reduction, claims Motorola.

The H790 Universal Bluetooth Headset is driven by dual microphones, which lets users take their conversation from office, to street, to a crowded airport terminal with ease. It adapts to noisy situations, silencing background clamour while automatically increasing the volume of the call, offering clear audio on both ends of the conversation.

The Voice Prompt feature can be used to announce and manage incoming calls, connectivity, and instruct users how to pair with their handset. It also supports voice commands from compatible handsets, so users can dial contacts from their phonebook by stating the desired contacts’ name.

For those that juggle more than one phone, the H790’s enhanced multi-point feature enables users to connect to two compatible Bluetooth-enabled phones simultaneously, switching between calls seamlessly – with no need to reconnect. This unit has been tested to ensure compatibility with more than 15 brands and over 200 models.

It comes with TrueComfort ear cushion options and a discreet flexible ear hook. Motorola has also included a new ‘in-ear’ wearing option, making it comfortable for those who wear glasses.

Finally, it has new Rapid-Charge battery technology, providing more than two hours of talk time from just a single 15 minute charge.