The Living Dead Come to Life

BigPond Games launches Plants Vs Zombies, a game that kids love (and their dad does, too!)

Plants vs Zombies is a cool game that kids will love, even if it does start off a bit slow. How do I know kids will love it? Because I was given a Beta version of it to test drive, showed it to my 6 and 8 year old boys, and now I can’t get them off it!

Developed by PopCap Games, Plants vs. Zombies pits you against legions of invading zombies bent on overwhelming your lawn and making their way to your front door. To defeat the hordes of living dead, you must ‘pay’ in sunshine to purchase and plant a wide range of lovable mutant flowers, vines, trees and other foliage that each have zombie-combating powers and abilities.

“The economic environment and concern about global warming are prompting many people to modify their lifestyle, and using the internet to purchase and download games is one place where they’re finding low-cost entertainment,” Telstra Media Group Managing Director Justin Milne said. “Plants vs. Zombies is a game the whole family can enjoy and BigPond’s exclusive online distribution means people can purchase and download the game securely from a trusted online source,” Mr Milne said.

Features of Plants vs. Zombies include:

  • Five different modes of play: Adventure, Survival, Puzzle, Zen Garden and Mini-Game Challenges

  • 50 levels in the main Adventure mode and more than 50 more in the other game modes, with limitless replayability

  • More than four dozen plants, from cherry bombs and peashooters to melon-pults, wall-nuts and sunflowers

  • Dozens of different zombie types, including back-from-the-dead miners, businessmen, football players, even a zombie bobsled team!

  • Suburban almanac tracks your progress and provides vital stats on plant and zombie types

  • Crazy Dave’s trunk-o’-the-car shop where you can purchase special “power plants” and other zombie-exterminating tools as well as potted versions for your Zen Garden

  • New fluid animation technology for prettier plants and zippier zombies

NB: The only downside was that throughout the main game you collect coins. When you get a certain amount of money, you get to add an extra “box” when picking which plants you want to take on the zombies. So you might have 6 “boxes” that allow you to pick six different types of plant. When you get a certain amount of money, you get seven boxes. What happens, when you get about a certain number, Crazy Dave preselects two or three of the plants for you, which is kind of annoying. Makes you wonder why you collected the money in the first place if you don’t get to choose your “weapon” of choice.

However, this is but a minor complaint of a very entertaining, and cost-effective, game.



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