TEAC Offers HD Set Top Boxes

It’s TEAC’s turn to show off its new range of set top boxes

TEAC has come to the set top box market with two units, that although not at the high-end, have enough functionality to justify a niche in an already crowded market.

The HDB848 receives all current standard and high definition mpeg 2 broadcasts, and is also compatible with future mpeg 4 (h.264) broadcasts.

Connectivity includes composite AV, component video and digital audio connections. To get the best performance though, the HDB848 comes equipped with an HDMI that gives users high quality audio and video performance from a single cable connection between the set top box and the TV.

Other standard features include a seven-day EPG (electronic program guide), Teletex and closed captioning.

It also has an additional USB connection, which can be used for software updates, and also serves as a multimedia playback connection that allows users to plug in an external hard disk or a USB thumb drive and playback movies, music and photos.

The HDVR845. It is an ideal product for consumers who want additional value in a set top box, without having to spend a lot of money.

The TEAC HDVR845 has many of the same connections as the HDB848, with the addition of an S-Video connection. This model receives mpeg2 broadcasts making it compatible with all current standard and high definition programs.

It also has the ability to record digital TV onto a USB thumb drive or an external hard disk.
Conventional DVRs (digital video recorders) can be bulky and lack the ability to upgrade their internal hard disk, but the HDVR845 gives users the ability to specify the size of the hard disk they wish to use, up to 1 Terabyte.

Other features include EPG recording and time shift, so users can pause, fast forward or rewind live TV.

HDB848 $149
HDVR845 $199