Star Wars Comes to Wii

One of the most popular film and gaming franchises is coming to the Virtual Console

Super Star Wars is being re-released on the Wii’s Virtual Console while Nintendo has revealed that both Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return Of The Jedi will be available on VC at some time in the future.

“The arrival of the first three games will be accompanied by additional Star Wars-themed content on other Wii channels throughout the week,” Nintendo said in a statement released yesterday. “The Check Mii Out Channel will invite people to submit their best Mii character renditions of classic Star Wars characters. On the Everybody Votes Channel, users can cast their votes to help settle old debates, such as the proper order to watch the six Star Wars films, and who fired first – Han Solo or Greedo?”

The company also said LucasArts will be producing more games in the future, but what they would be is anybody’s guess. Probably a crack at the first three movies that were filmed last, or maybe the last three phantom films that were never filmed at all! Anyway, bonus time for Star Wars fans.