Sony Making PSP-Mobile Phone?

Rumours out of Tokyo seem to point towards a gaming-mobile hybrid from Sony

In a world where technology cross overs are becoming more common, it is no surprise to hear that Sony might be developing a mobile phone, with the gaming functionality of a portable console.

Having a mobile phone with games is nothing new, however having a console’s ability to play a game will be, and it makes sense to do so.

Having been on the backfoot up against the iPod, Sony Ericsson’s Walkman range has hardly set the world on fire, so giving it a little added extra would certainly boost its sales. Both the iPhone and iPod do allow the downloading of games, but not the ability to do what gamers can do with a Sony’s PSP or the Nintendo DSi.

A few gaming publishers, including Capcom, have developed software for Apple’s iPhone and iPods so users can download games.

Whether Nintendo will do the same will be interesting to see, with Microsoft’s Natal magic wand set to make inroads into former’s Wiimote marketshare when it is released either late this year, or early 2010. With an assault on both fronts for the highly popular consoles, Nintendo will need to come up with something to keep fans satisfied.