Smallest Digital Video Camera?

The Flip Mino is claimed to be one of the smallest HD video cameras on the market

With mobile phones now offering plenty of features including video recording, it certainly is getting harder to be a vendor in the video camera market.

In what could be a case of ‘if you can’t be ‘m, jion ’em’, Pure Digital Technologies is bringing us what it claims to be one of the smallest, easiest and coolest digital video camera in the form of the Flip Mino. It’s said to be so small it will fit in your bag or back pocket with your mobile phone.

Flip Mino allows users to connect directly to a TV or any computer and it offers HD video and delivers an integrated software experience on both Mac and PC for organising, editing and sharing video thanks to its built-in FlipShare software.

FlipShare allows users to capture and share still photos from their video, so they don’t have to decide whether to snap a photo or capture video and it gives you heaps of choices for sharing short and long format HD video. It’s easy to email videos of any size since FlipShare sends video as a link rather than an attachment.

Flip MinoHD $ 299.95
Flip Mino 229.95