Review: Resistance 3 (PS3)

By Wayne Webb

Resistance 3 follows the story of an alien invasion by a race called the Chimera, which has enslaved, killed and generally made a nuisance of itself to humanity. Resistance 3 is more of the same as the previous two outings, and that’s what makes it good. But the updated and improved graphics, weapons and action are what make it great.

Things are not going well on Earth now that the Chimera are here and it seems that the mammoth efforts in Resistance 1 and 2 have failed – you start almost at square one – fighting for your lives as doe-eyed children and tough-as-nails ordinary people are now forced into soldiering to survive. So far it’s exactly the same as the previous versions. Yet the look and feel is more detailed, rich in texture and provides a sense of reality amongst the grimness of humanity’s certain doom. 

A bespectacled Russian scientist has the key to survival for the planet and it involves you going to your certain death on a suicide mission to infiltrate and destroy enemy HQ some 1300 miles away from your location. Add in some cool weapons and loads of ammunition and you are on a road trip through decimated human society; fighting, defending and attacking the Chimera in their myriad forms. You take with you the image (and for some reason a sentimental glove) of your son and wife, and it’s for them and their future, that you are committing suicide on this mission.

Guns are familiar to players of previous versions and provide some visceral and entertaining firefights. Different weapons are suitable for different foes and terrains, the “shoot through walls” Chimera Augher weapon being very helpful when outnumbered and provided with cover. Other weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages but more often than not you can find yourself killing a foe with the wrong kind of weapon simply because that’s what’s loaded. Be aware that finding ammunition of the right kind can be tricky. Likewise some of the large foes take hundreds of rounds to kill and can take a long time. While not difficult this can become a grinding task and less satisfying than taking on the individual Chimera.

This does not interfere with overall enjoyment though as I found the game a rich, deep and satisfying FPS experience that looks stunning and is fun to play.

Pros: Strong story and design, detailed environments, satisfying action, great weapons
Cons: Unending hail of bullets can be wearisome on larger foes, longer story elements can’t be hurried up.

4.5 Shacks out of 5