Review: Move Mind Benders (PlayStation 3 Move)

By Wayne Webb

Move Mind Benders is a set of three games that stand-alone and utilise the PS Move controller in innovative and interesting ways. Each game requires you to use your mind as well as your body.

The first of the games is also the one game I’m not fussed about, Lemmings. It has been around for decades, first appearing years ago before consoles were in most homes and PCs were an oddity. The mythical suicidal behavior of Lemmings is the main idea; they march inexorably on and regardless of what is going to happen. If there’s a cliff they walk over it, if there’s a hole they fall in it etc. You then add bridges or dig holes to help lemming’s progress to save as many as you can as they march on to goal. In this set it seems like filler, even though it was once loads of fun.

Then there is Tumble, a unique and clever use of the PS Move controller and puzzles playing on your spatial reasoning. You pick up blocks and place them Jenga Style in various towers and configurations to satisfy some puzzles and challenges. It gets progressively trickier as time moves on and adds variety to the game to keep you playing and scratching your head. It’s an exercise in physical control (don’t knock or drop things) and mental agility as you try and solve the puzzle in front of you. A really good use of the PS Move and your brain at the same time.

Finally there is Echochrome II, which is hard to describe, it’s the sort of thing you have to see or play to understand it properly. It uses the Move Controller as a quasi torch effect and depending on where you point at the screen, you get a shadow effect. You can direct the light source to cast shadows at weird angles that then form a solid platform behind the blocks on screen where your avatar – a shadow itself – can then traverse. The ultimate goal is to get your guy from start to finish. A unique and innovative game, and one you’ll really only get when you play it and then you’ll totally get into it. Similarly to Lemmings and Tumble, it becomes a “just one more go” game and before you know it, half the day is gone.

As a triple pack this is a good set of mind and body working together, it’s just a shame that Lemmings looks and feels old and slightly out of place. 

Pros: 2 Great games, good use of the Move, plenty of value in the pack, innovative gameplay and puzzling challenges..
Cons: 1 game: Lemmings is out of place and dated.

4 Shacks Out Of 5