Quake 3 launches on your mobile phone

Quake III Arena is now available on your mobile phone, complete with full multi-player support.

Quake III Arena, one of the biggest multiplayer hits of the late 1990’s, is making a comeback – on your mobile phone.

Of course, it’s a little fiddly to play a full-blown first-person shooter on your mobile. That’s why there’s included support for a full Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Ignoring for the fact that using a keyboard and mouse on your mobile phone makes the experience largely irrelevant, it’s still a triumph of technology. Only ten years ago, Quake III Arena was the pinnacle of gaming graphics, and is still revered by many Quake fans and even the company, id Software, today.

The catch: you need a Nokia mobile phone to play it, specifically the N95 8GB, N82 or E90 handsets. The upside is that Q3A comes with full multiplayer support.

Of course, if you really want to play Quake III that badly, you could always skip the mobile arena and look at the Quake Live project – but nevertheless, it’s a wonderful sign of just how far mobiles have come.

Source: Gizmodo