PS3 More Popular Than Wii

While Nintendo can rightly be smug about its Wii sales, Sony’s PS3 gets more use

A new survey out by Nielsen shows that PS3 owners use their console more than Wii or Xbox owners.

This may come as a surprise to some who know that the PS3 is struggling to make money for Sony Entertainment, while the Wii is making bucket loads for Nintendo. The Wii also come in behind the Xbox 360 in the survey, and in some categories was even beaten by the PS2 and GameCube.

However, when you look at the functionality of the PS3 with its blu-ray player, and the types of games available for the PS3 and Xbox, it probably isn’t that much of a revelation. Add to that the Xbox’s ability to download more games, and it streaming function, then you can see why the Wii comes in last.

Categories included days used per month, daily sessions and percentage of free time used.