Power Up With Belkin Mini Charger

Belkin joins the ranks of mobile charging device vendors

Joining the ranks of PowerMonkey and Targus is a new Belkin mini chargers designed to charge up the battery of an iPod or iPhone in the car.

The Micro Auto Charger is packaged in a compact design and adds no extra bulk to your dashboard. Sitting nearly flush with your dashboard, the it still allows room on its lip for you to detach it from the dashboard. It also charges at 1 amp — suitable for iPhone devices and certain GPS systems in that it will charge at the device’s full power.

Its counterpart, the Dual Auto Charger lets users to simultaneously charge their iPod through one port while charging their mobile phone in the other. One quick-charge port powers at 1 amp for the iPhone, and the second port charges at 500 milliamps, which will support iPod devices and mobile phones such as BlackBerry phones.


Micro Auto Charger $24.95

Dual Auto Charger $39.95