Origin unleashes ‘The Big O’ Supercomputer

For the hardcore gamer or for those wanting their own home-based Supercomputer, there is now the ‘The Big O’ X5680, which fuses the capabilities of the fastest-known computing hardware, overclocking, water cooling and a built-in Xbox 360 Slim to create what is claimed as being the ‘ultimate gaming weapon’.

Each X5680 features six-cores, twelve threads, supports ECC memory, a second CPU overclocked to 4.3GHz and 24GBs of Corsair GT 2000MHz memory.

To empower gamers with the most comprehensive gaming platform on the planet, Origin has integrated a liquid-cooled Xbox 360 Slim directly into The Big O gaming system.

Every Big O system is modified so the Xbox ports are easily accessible with liquid cooled processors for extreme performance.

Users can even game on the Xbox 360 while the computer is busy dominating whatever other task it is assigned.

By using a cooling system that maximizes performance from the CPU, motherboard, graphics card and even the integrated Xbox 360 Slim, the liquid cooling system dissipates heat and eliminates fan noise ensuring the system remains cool and whisper quiet.

The starting configuration includes an Xbox 360 Slim built direct into the case, and ships for $10,699.

But for those wanting the absolute best configuration possible, it will set users back $22,799.

See: www.originpc.com.au