Olympus Gets Tough

Olympus has released its 2010 range of compact cameras that can handle the rough stuff

Olympus’s new Mju Tough Series of compact cameras are waterproof to a depth of 3 metres, shockproof against falls from as high as 1.5 metres and snowproof at temperatures as low as -10°C.

These units also houses all USB, battery and card slots behind just one door – including a practical internal USB charging capability so you can charge your camera while uploading still and moving images to your PC.

Behind ts exterior lies a camera 12 megapixel CCD3 and HD Movie capability – due to the advanced MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 movie compression format.

Using Olympus new software solution users can retouch and perfect images as well as organise and create your own personal or family collections and categorise by person, event, location, date or theme. The software classifies the pictures according to the recording date automatically during upload to your PC and has the capability to recognise up to 16 faces as subjects to classify pictures accordingly.

The 1GB built-in memory of the Mju Tough 3000 means that your camera is your very own portable photo album – ensuring you can capture and share your memories wherever you go. By recording location information for a classified event or by person or location, you can also easily find the pictures you want to print or upload to your favourite social media site or share with friends and family wherever you are on your travels.

The Mju Tough 3000 also features Magic Filters – designed to expand the potential of creative digital photography. The filters allow users to turn everyday scenes into extraordinary and powerful images without the need for special lenses, add-on filters or complex image processing techniques.

A total of four Magic Filter effects are available:

  • Pop – Enhances colours to turn familiar landscapes into more vivid, colourful world
  • Pin Hole – Reproduces the peripheral vignetting and unique colour tones of photos taken with a toy camera
  • Sketch – Transforms the image as seen by human eyes into a line drawing
  • Fish-Eye – Reproduces the dramatic perspectives of an image captured with a fish-eye lens