New Vaio P Coming Soon?

The rumour mill has Sony releasing a new version of its Vaio P pocket PC

Geek site Techradar has said that a Sony insider has let slip that a new version of the Sony Vaio P is about to be released.

The tiny pocket PC hasn’t exactly been selling like hot cakes, so it is surprising that a company that has had a difficult year would look to release a version of something that hasn’t been fly8ing off the shelves.

Then again, as some sites have mentioned, the Windows Vista O/S hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, so maybe they’ll be loading it with Windows 7., which is due out at the same time. Then again, Google recently announced that it will be developing an operating system for netbooks. Although it will not be available until 2010, maybe a trial run is in order? Not likely, we reckon it’ll be laoded with Windows 7 plus a few other hardware tweaks.